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About Scott

scottmcmillionandlynxScott McMillion writes for magazines and newspapers around the country, focusing much of his work on environmental and natural resource issues. Since these are complicated topics, his stories also examine politics and economics.

This means he has to be equally comfortable in a canoe or a United States Senate hearing; on horseback, elbow deep in documents, handling a sedated lynx or at the oars in a long stretch of whitewater.

He also writes frequently about his other passions: food and drink, the sporting life, the creative process, and the burning issues surrounding wildfire and the ways we try to live with it in an increasingly flammable world.

He is the author of “Mark of the Grizzly,” a finalist in creative nonfiction for the 1999 Independent Publisher Awards and now in its 13th printing. His essays have been collected in “Where We Live, the Best of the Big Sky Journal,” “Ring of Fire, the Writers of Greater Yellowstone,” and “Farming and the Fate of Wild Nature, Essays in Conservation-based Agriculture.” He has penned the introduction for “Yellowstone View,” a book of photography by Thomas Lee, and was a contributor for “Call of the Wild, the Art of Parks Reece.” He co-authored, with Robin Tawny Nichols, “Len and Sandy Sargent, A Legacy of Activist Philanthropy.”

Dozens of books, Web sites and academic and popular articles cite his journalism and he has been a guest speaker at venues ranging from elementary schools to academic think tanks.

After 20 years in the newspaper business, where he won dozens of awards, Scott is now senior editor of the critically acclaimed Montana Quarterly, which was named the best new magazine west of the Mississippi during its maiden year in 2005. And it continues to get better every year.

At the time of the magazine’s launch, Allen Morris Jones, the literary editor of the online journal newwest.net, called Scott “consistently, one of the finer writers in Montana.”

His work regularly appears in Nature Conservancy magazine and he has been a featured essayist for The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

Scott lives with his wife, Jennifer, in Livingston, Montana, a funky, windy town on a big bend of the Yellowstone River, about an hour north of Yellowstone National Park. It has lots of art galleries, lots of bars and some pretty good restaurants. Local wags often quip that you can’t swing a word processor without whacking a writer, which isn’t always such a bad thing. It’s a beautiful place and attracts lots of tourists, but it’s also a working town, where the cowboys and railroaders are the real thing.

Scott has traveled to every continent but Australia and lived in places as far-flung as Seoul, Korea, New York City and McMurdo, Antarctica. But Livingston is home. For him, it’s the best place. He buried his ancestors there and he plans to join them sometime, but not just yet.

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