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“A Friendly Harvest”

By Scott McMillion

Montana Quarterly

Winter, 2008

Out on the prairie between Malta and Saco, halfway between the Missouri River and the Canadian border, out where the hot water bubbles from the ground, a man and his preacher bent over a horseshoe pit and had a discussion.

The preacher maintained his shoe had fallen close enough to the pin to score a point. His opponent disagreed, but only briefly.

“Okay,” he conceded. “We’ll go with the Lord on that one.

Then they both grinned.

And the horseshoes sailed.

Lewis and Clark Caverns

Montana Outdoors Magazine, July-August, 2004
By Scott McMillion

This is a story shaped by water in all its forms: tiny drops and rushing torrents and rising vapors, rainstorms that slicken hillsides and droughts that crack them open, gullywashers that uproot trees and ice that can break a stone. It’s about the greatest of floods, and it’s about the warm mist of your own breath.

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