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Becoming Aware of the Bear

By Scott McMillion
Montana Outdoors
November/December 2009

If you hunt in grizzly country, chances are you’re breaking the rules.
That’s because you creep around. You hunt during early morning and evening. You mask your scent and walk into the wind. You usually hunt solo. You stay intensely focused on your prey. This is what hunting requires.
But it’s also the opposite of what bear safety experts say you should do in grizzly country.

The (Surprisingly) Quiet Bison Hunt

By Scott McMillion
Montana Outdoors
November/December, 2009
Unlike 20 years ago, there has been little uproar over the recent hunting of wild buffalo emerging from Yellowstone National Park. Why?

“Getting Another Shot”

By Scott McMillion
Montana Outdoors
September/October 2009
Photography by Erik Petersen

Brandon Renkin isn’t very big. Though he’s 15 years old, he weighs just 38 pounds. But it’s almost all heart. The rest of it is brain and spunk, wrapped in a layer of patience. These are things that make a hunter.

“Fair Game”

By Scott McMillion

Big Sky Journal

Fall, 2007

For me, October is the squinting season, a time to throw my eyes as far as I can, to find little white speckles on a vast sagebrush plain, track them down and make meat of them.

In the process, I’ll become mudded and blooded, dehydrated, scraped up, and wind chapped. It’s something I look forward to every year, right up there with Christmas and the first raft trip of the summer.

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