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The (Surprisingly) Quiet Bison Hunt

By Scott McMillion
Montana Outdoors
November/December, 2009
Unlike 20 years ago, there has been little uproar over the recent hunting of wild buffalo emerging from Yellowstone National Park. Why?

“Land Snorkeling with Clyde Aspevig”

By Scott McMillion
Montana Quarterly
Fall, 2009

       Go outside. Walk Slowly. Pay attention. Listen. Smell the air. Taste it. Look at the soil and see how it responds to your step. Notice which grasses shine brightest in the morning dew. Compare birds, the differences in wing and shape and flight pattern. Maybe kick over a rock, see what’s under there.
       This is land snorkeling. Doing it could take you almost anywhere, even if you never leave your own neighborhood.
       Think of it like snorkeling a reef. You drift over mysterious turf. You keep your head down, mostly. Everything is cool, so you look it all over, and you wonder. You come back smiling.

“Hard Times in the Last Best Place”

By Scott McMillion
Montana Quarterly
Spring 2009
Photography by Thomas Lee.

Twenty years ago, Bill Kittredge and Annick Smith completed their remarkable collection of Montana literature, a book they called The Last Best Place. And that title sure did sing to us, even if the tune was a little sad. It told us that we Montanans had something the rest of the country lacked, or had lost, something we hadn’t screwed up yet.
I wonder, sometimes. Would it still sing today?

“Economic Slump Hits Residents of ‘The Last Best Place'”

Guest Essay

 “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.”

Originally Aired: November 12, 2008

Introduction by Ray Suarez: “Twenty years ago, Montana offered sprawling landscapes and inexpensive living, but the economic meltdown is changing life in “the last best place.” Guest essayist Scott McMillion of the Montana Quarterly reflects on the changes, including job losses, poverty and tight budgets.”

Video [Video opens in new window or tab]

“Reflections on Voting in Montana’s Big Sky Country”

PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer
Originally broadcast May 30, 2008

As Montana prepares to vote in its primary next Tuesday, guest essayist Scott McMillion of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and the Montana Quarterly finds a different kind of pleasure in going to the polls.

“Our Old Economy”

By Scott McMillion

Montana Quarterly

Spring 2007

Photography by Thomas Lee.

Based on muscle and stink, dirt and metal, are Montana’s timeworn industries a thing of the past?

“Carved From Stone”

By Scott McMillion
Big Sky Journal
Arts Issue, 2006

The afternoon brought the blessing of a cool breeze that knocked away the urban mugginess and sent the airy seeds of cottonwood trees dancing through the shade. Thunderheads were flexing big muscles in the west, promising a drum song, but for the moment there was other music.

“Yesterday’s Calf-A”

By Scott McMillion

Montana Quarterly

Spring 2006

Photography by Thomas Lee.

Blink your eyes driving past the town of Dell and you might miss out on an education in ranch-style comfort food.

“The Toughest Bar in Montana?”

By Scott McMilllion

Montana Quarterly

Winter 2005

Photography by Thomas Lee.

Keep your head down and your mouth shut, and you just might enjoy the Jimtown Bar.

“An Uncommon Prairie Occurrence”

By Scott McMillion

Montana Quarterly

Summer 2005.

The prairie out here eats optimists. Surivors in this climate have learned to hunker down, expect the worst and live like a prickly pear: close to the ground, where you can save your juices. Thorns have a purpose.

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