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“The Improbable Mr. Fink”

By Scott McMillion
Big Sky Journal
Spring, 2010
Illustration by Parks Reece

Despite his improbable name and his unruly dog, Sterling Fink was a good neighbor. You could count on him for the loan of a tool or advice on the proper spacing of a set of stairs.

“Give Blood” Mosquitoes, flies and ticks connect us to the food chain in most unpleasant ways

By Scott McMillion
Montana Quarterly
Summer, 2008

Here’s something to think about the next time your neck and arms have become an itching, oozing mess.
Or when the whining in your ears makes you think seriously about spending the night in a lake, underwater.
Or when you’re inhaling flies the size of your thumbnail.

“Sieze the Carp” Casting to the bottom for fish with fight

By Scott McMilion
Big Sky Journal
Fall, 2006

Mention carp inside the tonier fly fishing loops around the West and you’ll draw some funny looks, if not downright sneers. If trout symbolize choice tidbits on the menu of sport fishing, served on fine china, then carp are cold Spam sandwiches, sweating grease in a sour lunch box.

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